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How can I change the fonts in my theme?

You can choose fonts with the easy to use Google Fonts Plugin as described here.

The images on my blog don’t look like in the demo (wrong sizes). What can I do?

After installing the theme on a blog that already has some content (and images), you have to generate the correct image sizes for the theme. To do that, install the Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin and follow the steps in this article.

How can I change the theme colors?

Navigate to Customizer > ( Your Theme Name) Options > Colors. There you can set the base and accent colors of the theme.

Will I get regular theme updates?

When buying a My Boutique WordPress Theme you get life-long theme updates! Whenever there is a new version available, you will see a hint in your dashboard. All you need to do is to click on update button and your theme is up to date.

My Rewardstyle Widgets are not showing up.

It’s likely that you forgot to install the Rewardstyle Shortcode Plugin. To fix that, have a look at our Rewardstyle 101 section.