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Top Section (Slider Area) Options

In the Customizer tab Homepage Options you have the setting options for the appearance & behaviour of the top section slider of your new MyBoutique WordPress Theme.

Navigate to Appearance => Customize => THEME Option => Homepage.

Featured Section Layout

Choose here from the existing options the layout of your top slider. Simply tick the option you prefer. You can change it anytime. Don’t forget to click on publish to secure the changes.

Additionally you can change and adjust the appearance of the top slider with the offered checkboxes like show overlay, enable autoplay,  show dots and show arrows. Simply tick or untick the options you like and prefer.

Slide Mode

Here you have the option for your top slider to fade in or to slide in. You can try out both and see which version you like better.

Category Option & Number of Posts of the Top Slider

Decide which blogposts should be displayed for the top slider by choosing a specific category. You have also the option to pull blogposts from all categories with the ‚all categories‘ tab.

Also you can decide easily the number of posts you like the slider to slide for you. Simply set the number of posts with the option wheel or type in the number. Don’t forget to click on publish to save your progress!


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