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myb Profile Widget

With the MyBoutiqueThemes myb Profile Widget you can show the world who is behind your blog through a beautiful styled profile widget that shows your picture, a little about text and customizable ‚read more button‘. The Profile Widget preferably goes best when placed on the sidebar but you can optionally also make it ‚fullwidth‘ and therefore also place it at the footer or any other available widget area.

How to use it?

  • Navigate to Appearance => Widgets.
  • Look for the MyBoutiqueThemes Profile Widget from the available widgets and drag it to any widget area you like.
  • In most of our examples we place it on the sidebar.
  • After placing it to the widget area you can start by giving your widget a title, upload your profile image and write a little text about you as well as typing in what the read more button should read and link it to your about page.
  • Optionally you can tick the option to make it fullwidth – this will be useful if you plan to place it somewhere else than the sidebar.
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