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myb Featured Post Widget

The MyBoutiqueThemes myb Featured Post Widget allows you to place a blogpost as the featured post next to your slider. This way you can let your readers pay extra attention to the one specific post you want to promote or has a special meaning to you. This feature only works if you have setup the right slider option. Please set your slider option to ‚Slider + Widget Area‘ to use the myb Featured Post Widget.

How to use it?

  • Navigate to Appearance => Widgets.
  • Look for the myb Featured Post Widget from the available widgets and drag it to the ‚Top Featured Area. This area was extra build for this widget.
  • After you’ve put  the widget to its widget area you can start adjusting the widget on which blogpost it should display.
  • Decide the appearance of widget by giving it a title. The title will be displayed in a special font just like in the demo version.
  • Don’t forget to click on save to secure your progress!
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