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Instagram Gallery

Instagram is for many Bloggers a very vital part of their blogging lives and that’s why we’ve decided to let you easily incorporate your Instagram journey right onto your website by using the easy to use WP My Instagram plugin.

How to setup the Instagram Plugin?


Go to Plugins and Add New – search for the ‚Social Feed Gallery‘ plugin, install  and activate it.  Navigate back to your WP dashboard and locate the plugin on the left hand side menu near bottom => SOCIAL FEED GALLERY. Click on it to start setting up the plugin.

  • We’ll start with adding your Instagram Profile account to the plugin! For this simply click on the Accounts tab and ADD either your personal account or business account. NOTE: It may be that you need to repeat this a few times and refresh the site when its not connecting your Insta profile immediately.
  • After we have connected your Instagram Profile account with the plugin we can now setup the feed. Please navigate to the FEEDS tab. Here click on the edit button to adjust the gallery style wise.
  1. Basically what you need to do is to set the right parameters so the feed is displayed like you want it. For all our demo sites we use pretty much the same gallery but you can be here individual so it fits your needs.
  2. Tag Username – the other options are only for the paid Pro version.
  3. Set the number of posts you like to display as well as the number of columns. Example if you like to display 12 images in rows choose LIMIT: 12 COLUMNS: 6
  4. Uncheck all other options to have a clean Instagram gallery without all the unnecessary buttons.
  5. Copy paste now the short code with the brackets to an empty custom HTML widget and place it to one of your widget areas. We always use the Instagram area but you are free to place it where it fits best for you.
  6. Done! Please don’t forget to always save your progress!


NOTE: If you experience an alert after you’ve saved your changes and want to visit your site from your dashboard and it says not correctly saved simple ignore it and click on leave page. This problem is due to caching error but nothin to worry about

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