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Landing Page

With myb Themes you have the chance to easily create a Landing Page to welcome your blog visitors before let them navigate to the blogpost. Not to mistake with a Static Page. A Landing Page can be used for many things like implementing a newsletter or promoting a certain product without having the focus disturbance of the blog homepage with all it’s blogposts, widgets etc.

Make the Landing Page your unique space to let your readers focus on a single item or one single topic.

How to Setup a Landing Page

  • Navigate to your Pages tab in your WP dashboard and click on ADD NEW.
  • On the right hand side of  your page editor you’ll find the Page Attribute meta box. Please leave the Parent option default and choose for the template option Landing Page.
  • Now you can insert anything you like on this page whether its an image, text, product or newsletter.
  • After publishing the page you can copy the URL and share it wherever you like.

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