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Our magical Theme Wizard

Let the Theme Wizard do all the hard work for you

Life should be easy and uncomplicated and that’s why we’ve built the mybt Theme Wizard. Swift and easy to use it will make the setup of your new mybt WordPress theme a matter of few clicks. All you need to do is to follow the onscreen instructions.

Pro Tipp: If you like to setup your blog just like in one of the theme demos simply use the Theme Wizard option. Check all the wizard options and enjoy an easy life ?

Advanced WordPress User? Skip the Wizard and do everything manually.

Of course we also provide our advanced WordPress users the option to setup our mybt themes manually with the freedom to style it individually. Simply click on Skip Wizard after you have installed your child theme. The rest of the wizard will walk you through plugins and demo content which in your case might be boring.

You find extensiv documentations in Basic Setup, Customiser, Widgets and Page Templates.


When uploading & installing your new MyBoutiqueThemes design you’ll automatically have the option to install and activate our recommend plugins along with your new theme.

MyBoutiqueThemes works with the majority of plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, but we can’t guarantee the compatibility of all plugins. To ensure they work with our theme please test them yourself. We do not stand liable for eventual plugin-theme conflicts. We recommend you to always make a backup before installing new plugins!

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