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Shop the Post Widget

Learn with the following video how to make your fashion and lifestyle posts shop-able.

Step 1.) Make sure you’ve installed and activated the RewardStyle plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 2.) Login into RewardStyle and click on products.  You can either favourite products directly or you can create and name a folder and save them there. This will make it easier to find the products later.

Step 3.) After you’ve finished your product search navigate to Apps and click on ‚Shop the Post‘

Step 4.) Here you can now choose on the left hand side the folder from you which like to build the shopping widget. Also what the size and appearance should be.

Step 5.) Click on copy the code and paste it into your post in WordPress. Yay! You’ve done it.

Pro Tipp: With MunichParis Studio Themes you are also able to display the shopping widget in the preview on the homepage. This is will allow your readers to faster engage with your affiliate links.


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