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Upload and Installation

Upload your new Rachel Theme to WordPress

First please make sure you’ve successfully downloaded the Theme zip file to your desktop computer. The upload works as following:

Navigate to Appearance => Themes and click on ADD NEW => UPLOAD THEME then on CHOOSE FILE. Here you will now browse and select the theme zip file to upload it.

After the upload was successful your should be able to see the onscreen option to activate your new Rache Theme. Please click on the activate to do so. Yay ? First step is complete!

Installing Rachel Theme via the MyB Theme Wizard

Since we want to make your life as convenient as possible we decided to implement our magic theme wizard so the installation runs automatically in the background while your job is only to click though the available options.

Note: We desperately recommend you to run the theme wizard for Rachel theme with all options and not to skip any step. Skipping one or more steps will result in later issues.


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