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My Page Template don’t look like the ones from the Demo Site

Trouble with the Rachel Theme Page Templates

If you find your Page Templates after doing the demo import in a weird layout or with a much different styling as seen on the demo version, you very likely may have come across an issue with Elementor plugin or the Essential Addons for Elementor Plugin.

This is an unfortunately and unpredictable error which may occur with some users but it’s nothing that necessarily needs to happen for every user. We as the designer and coder of this Theme don’t have any power over third party plugin errors like in this case , however if you experience this issue, please don’t worry as we can solve this issue by uploading the page templates manually.

Here is how you can fix the issue

  • First please make sure you have both Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor installed and activated on your WP site.
  • Next you will need to make sure to delete the page templates currently saved to your templates tab which is located one below the Elementor Tab at your WP dashboard.
  • When successfully deleted the page templates please navigate to where you have downloaded your Rachel Theme. Along the available downloads you should find also a zip file containing the page template files (.json files).

  • Download and or when already downloaded please unzip the zip file and make sure all the page templates are available. If you notice that one should be missing, contact us and let us know so we can update the file so everything is fully correctly delivered.
  • Next we move back over to your WP site and click again on the TEMPLATES TAB to upload the newly downloaded page templates manually.
  • At the top you see a button called IMPORT TEMPLATES, click on it and upload here one at the time the json page templates.

  • After you’ve successfully uploaded a page template it’s now time to use it on the actual page. For this please navigate to your PAGES TAB und choose the correct page for which you just uploaded the page template. As for an example let’s say homepage page template and the homepage.
  • After we selected the correct page please click on the blue button at the top bar called EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR.
  • If there is anything left from the not correct demo import please delete it so we can import the page template freshly.
  • Please click on the folder icon and choose from MY TEMPLATES the page template you just uploaded.

  • You’ll get ask if you want to also import the styling settings of the page template. Click on yes.

  • Now we need to make sure the layout of the page templates are correctly setup. Please find below which page template has which page layout setting:





  • Always update and save your progress with the green update button at the left bottom corner so you got everything secured.
  • Repeat the same steps for the other page templates as well. Keep in mind the page layout setting of each page template.
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