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Newsletter Subscription Page

This special page template was designed to help grow your mailing list and bring more attention to your newsletter ? Use this page template to get finally all the readers to your mailing list.

Setting Up MailChimp a Mailerlite with your MyB Theme: Please find this link here to learn how you can setup your Mailchimp or Mailerlite plugin.

You don’t use MailChimp or Mailerlite? No problem use any Newsletter Marketing tool with the help of Elementor PRO!

Though MailChimp and Mailerlite are two of the biggest Newsletter Marketing platforms, not everybody uses their service and there might be the possibility you are one of them. In this case you can take advantage of the features of Elementor Pro to get the ability to use the Newsletter technology you need. Read more about the possibilities here.

See the Elementor tutorial library here to style and customise this page template: https://docs.elementor.com/category/399-editor


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